Maravea is proudly made in the USA, specifically the South, with imported fabrics. The lowcountry is a coastal region in the Southeastern United States that is both steeped in history and tradition, yet gracefully modern.  A timeless place that exudes luxurious textures and gorgeous details.  The sun, sand and sea are beautifully framed by a majestic landscape of Spanish moss, sea oats and live oaks.  Maravea's goal is to celebrate this beauty. Maravea is a fanciful name composed of two Galician words: 'mar' meaning sea, and 'avea' meaning oats. Galician is a romantic language from a historical coastal region in northwest Spain. 

The never-ending search for the perfect modern Southern sundress was the catalyst behind Maravea.  I set out to design a line that embodied the essence of my muse, the lowcountry. From the beginning, I set forward a list of guidelines:  these dresses couldn’t be too short or revealing.  Women shouldn’t have to buy special undergarments specifically to wear with these dresses. They needed to be lined and have pockets. Maravea dresses would be timeless and ladylike, yet elegantly modern.

The first collection carries 4 different styles made with 5 different fabrics that are textured, detailed and 100% cotton.  My team and I have put our hearts and souls into creating these dresses for you.  I hope that they make you feel as graceful and beautiful as the lowcountry that inspired them.